Pilot Registration

Australian and International juniors should register here to enter the Australian Junior Gliding Championships in a single seat glider. If you’re intending on competing, please complete this as soon as possible so we can get an idea of numbers. Changes to your registration can be made via the contact us page. An official entry form must also be completed prior to the beginning of the competition – this will be posted to the documents page and available in hard copy at the competition.

Please do not register here if you are attending the competition to be coached, there is another form under the "coaching" header of this website.


You agree that at the start of the competition:

  • You are the age of 26 years or less

  • You have at least 50 hours solo in gliders

  • You are the holder of an FAI C Certificate

  • You have a current GFA Glider Pilot Certificate

  • You are familiar with GFA MOSP in regard to rules of the air

  • You are familiar with the GFA National Competition Rules

  • You are familiar with the Junior Nationals local rules

  • You have current flying practice (within 2 months)

  • You have had a biennial flight review in the previous 24 months, with appropriate logbook endorsement

  • The parachute being used has been repacked no earlier than 6 months before the competition

  • The glider being flown is equipped with a working FLARM

  • You will be a member of Gliding Australia

  • You will be a member of the Australian Junior Gliding Club

  • You will be prepared to sign an indemnity form, indemnifying the JoeyGlide organisers from any damages you incur at the competition

  • If you are under the age of 18, you will have the written permission of a parent or legal guardian to attend

Before competing, you will be required to sign a declaration that you meet all of the above requirements.


Joeyglide 2022 will be flown as a Club Class (unballasted) championship with an additional 15m (ballasted) class if there is sufficient interest (8 or more entrants).

Check the latest unballasted handicaps to make sure your glider is eligible for club class or indicate your interest in 15m class on the registration form below.


Registration for JoeyGlide 2023 has now opened!

To register as a competitor use the Google Form Below or click here.

To view the list of pilots who have already entered click here.