Coaching Program

The JoeyGlide coaching program is an excellent way of progressing from solo flying to cross country and competitive soaring. Our Coaches are there to enable glider pilots to develop their full potential and achieve their cross country and competition soaring goals. The coaching program at JoeyGlide offers flying with experienced, dedicated, cross country coaches who will help you to plan, navigate, find lift, and manage safety issues, in addition to briefings on the day’s flying, and lectures on topics such as human factors, weather, gliding techniques and technology.

So who is eligible for coaching at JoeyGlide? In short, everyone from solo standard to the experienced cross-country junior pilot. Although coaching is usually aimed at the introductory level of cross country flying as often find that the more experienced pilots (silver C above) will be competing. It is however, a pleasure to have a more experienced pilot join in the coaching program as we strive to cater for pilots of any cross country level.

The role of the coach in gliding is to supplement the training provided by instructors, with particular emphasis on cross country and competition flying. Our coaches do not teach by “showing you how it’s done” but by letting you try it for yourself and guiding you along the way.

The GFA, our sponsors and competitors all put money towards minimising the cost of the coaching program. This does make coaching at JoeyGlide a cheaper option however we do expect all participants to earn their keep by helping out wherever possible during the competition. This usually includes small things such as running wings or ropes to help launch competitors or helping out with the dishes at night every so often.

Coaching at JoeyGlide is a fun, safe way to improve your cross country soaring and competition experience.

We hope to attract Juniors who want to fly cross country but may not yet feel they’re ready, or who want to fly competitively but are still unsure of their abilities in a new environment.

Come along, have some adventure, some challenge and a lot of fun!

See the information page under Coaching for all information on the JoeyGlide Coaching Program.