Ab Initio Program

JoeyGlide's Ab Initio Program is a great way to get you soaring higher into the clouds, all the while experiencing the blast of the junior nationals competition. Whether you have only got 3 flights under your belt, working through the Glider Pilot Certificate (GPC), nearly solo, or are wanting to tick off your post solo syllabus. Our Instructors are experienced and passionate to see you progress, and achieve your soaring goals.

Not too sure how it all works? We've got you covered! JoeyGlide is a week long event, held every year, that welcomes all juniors (under 26) from all across Australia. Where many compete in the Junior Nationals Competition, as well as coachees learning/perfecting the art of cross-country flying, and new to gliding pilots who are eager to take on their next gliding phase through the Ab Initio Program. We understand that attending a week long course may present some challenges that might be daunting, but we can assure you that the JoeyGlide organisers and your instructors are here to help and are always willing to answer your questions and support you in your training.

Thanks to the GFA, the AJGC and our sponsors, we are able to help minimise the cost of the program. This makes flying at JoeyGlide more affordable, and as a result we do appreciate participants helping out during the competition. This usually includes running wings or ropes on the grid (when you aren't flying), and helping with evening catering efforts, for example.

*For more general information about JoeyGlide, please refer to the FAQ.*

Flying as part of the Ab Initio Program at JoeyGlide is a fun and safe way to improve your glider flying skills, while meeting like-minded junior pilots just like you. It doesn't get any better!

We hope to attract Juniors with an interest in soaring, wherever they're at, who want to accelerate their learning, and help get them to the next stage in their flying. If that's you, come along and have some adventure, some challenge and a lot of fun!