We are proud to announce that JoeyGlide 2020 will be hosted at Leeton Airport in Leeton, New South Whales.


Brobenah Aerodrome

291 Colinroobie Road

Leeton NSW 2705, Australia


The competition will run from the 7th - 16th January 2021

Coaching Program 'Shakedown': 7th January 2021

Official Practice Day & Site Briefing: 8th January 2021

Competition Flying Days: 9th - 16th January 2021

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Organising Team

The current organisiers for JoeyGlide 2020 are listed below.

  • Competition Director: Greg Schmidt
  • Safety Officer: Aaron Stroop
  • Weather & Task Setting: TBA
  • Tugmaster: TBA
  • Scorer: Dylan Lampard
  • Administration Officer: Belen Swart
  • Coaching Coordinator: TBA
  • Competition Steward: TBA
  • Photography & Media: Aidan Curtis
  • Organiser: Australian Junior Gliding Club, Inc

We look forward to seeing you at Leeton!