Final Results for JoeyGlide 2019

Club Class

1st place: James Nugent

2nd place: Micheal Keller

3rd place: Chris Jesse

The Joey Cup (highest placed pilot weighted by number of gliding hours): Chris Jesse

Southern Cross Gliding Club Trophy (highest placed pilot at their first JoeyGlide): Ryan Driscoll

The George Lee Trophy (highest handicapped speed achieved during the competition): Michael Keller

Schempp-Hirth Trophy (voted by the competitors as the pilot showing the greatest airmanship and citizenship): Ryan Driscoll

The Catherine Conway Cup (highest placed female pilot): Lily Gould

The AAFC Trophy (most meritorious effort by a AAFC cadet): Lily Gould

The State of Origin Plate: VIC

The JSR Soaring Trophy (highest placed Queensland Junior): Chris Jesse

Congratulations to all of the trophy winners! We hope to see everyone back again next season.